'Share the Love' Member Referrals Promotion

Guys. Gals. Gatherers. We LOVE y’all!

And to show it, we’re offering MEGA CASH HANDOUTS for a members-only promotion for our new

February and March Only

The sooner you get your referrals in, the more you’ll ca$h out

Here’s how it works:

How much cheddah we talkin’...

How to share the love?

Encourage friends via email, word of mouth, text, etc. to schedule and complete a Gather tour in February or March, and tell them to list your name as their referral. That’s it! Your friends will have until the end of the month after their tour to sign up for you to receive credit. For current Gather members, check your inbox for an email which can be copied and customized to share with friends, family members, friends of friends, foes, and any other fortunate souls with whom you want to spread the Gather love. Of course, you’re free to share the promotion however you’d like. But the sooner you share, the more earning potential you have – and if your friends sign up within the promotional period, they can get in on the love too!

Questions? Email referrals@gatherrva.com

Fine Print:
Referral rewards available for current Gather members only. Referral rewards available during promotional period only for all Gather locations or until all offices and co-working spaces are filled. Referrer must be listed while booking Gather tour and during tour to qualify for referral reward. Payment based upon when Gather tour was completed and is payable only if contract is signed by the end of the month following tour completion. Referral compensation not available for contracts signed outside promotional period.